Dear Banco Construction Services,
You gave my life a big lift when I saw the job you did in my home. I was very lucky to find honest hardworking people like you to repair my place.
Thank you for the perfect job you did. I will definitely tell my friends and co-workers about you.
--Judy Senquiz
Dear Banco,
I am writing to express my high appreciation for the services Banco provided to me after my Ice Back Up damage. As you know, I receied your name and the names of two other possibly contracting services from my insurance agent. At the time I called all three firms. So my first contact with Banco was speaking to Missy. Missy is a superb first impression; she was the politest, friendliest and most efficient of the three firms. You then followed through coming to inspect the home and I was equally impressed. Knowing that strangers are going to be "sharing your space" for an indeterminate time is never pleasant. However your appearance and manner was very reassuring.
When I came to the Banco premises my positive experience continued. Not only was I warmly greeted by Missy, I also received absolutely top notch service from Theresa. She demonstrated diplomacy, humor and great expertise as she guided my husband and me through our decorating selections. I began to feel that I had a team working with me as opposed to fighting my way through everything that needed to be done.
Once materials arrived, I met the Banco people who would be performing the work, and yet again, I felt I was receiving the very best of care. I cannot say enough about how cooperative, helpful, charming and completely dependable Bruce and Kent were. They showed up every day, exactly when they said; worked without cease throughout the day; and constantly checked with me to see how they could make the process as easy for me as possible. As you know, I had family members staying for a week during the project and they each commented on how unobtrusive the contractors were and that it did not affect the holiday at all. Both Bruce and Kent took a high interest in the actual work and ways to make my selections turn out in a pleasing manner. This part presented some challenges as I really did not have any idea what I was doing! I have told Bruce he has a second career as "decorator" when he rescued two close to disastrous paint and finish choices and created some marvelous effects. I will never forget their kindness. The day my family was arriving, the two of them (aided by ideas from the carpet installer, Joe) rearranged my living room and designed a far better floor plan than I had ever attempted. During the four weeks they were with me, the constantly kept their work areas tidy; cleaned up everything as they were using it; and did a host of extra items such as bringing in my trash bins, bringing in my dry cleaning, fixing some grouting - it was absolutely incredible.
Given my corporate career I have very high expectations for customer service and for work performance. I can state categorically that Banco exceeded my expectations in every single area. Your company demonstrates standards of excellence consistently and each person I spoke with was absolutely delightful to work with. After all the horror stories from friends about contractor nightmares you have put me in a unique position of being the only person who enjoyed a completely positive experience.
Thank you so much for the work performed for me and the manner in which it was conducted. I would be more than willing to serve as a reference if it was ever needed.
Francis A. Post
Dear Banco,
In case no one has ever written you with some praise about your employees, I thought I would like to let you know that Mike is an amazing employee and you are lucky to have him. He has an old-fashioned work ethic that one rarely sees any longer and takes great pride in the work he does. It's more than refreshing to have someone in the trades show up when they say they will, do the work with the attitude and perfection as if it is for their own home and clean up every night before they leave. I cannot express enough how easy it was for me to live through this experience because of Mike's professionalism. Everyone who sees the wood flooring say's it's stunning, unbelievably, takes one's breath away and other fabulous descriptive words.
As a result of my experience, I would be happy to recommend Banco Construction to my friends and family.
Thank you.
Randi J. Paltrow
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